I Liked It A Lot

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Where to start with this one is hard.

Great setting - almost ghostlike then you remember that it was only a lockdown and we all lived through it.

The characters were believable and you were drawn to each of them at different times for different reasons. The way some of the characters were hiding themselves and their true "characters" was very interesting and I, at no point, though it was far fetched.

The plot is outstanding. Very twisty and kept me hooked. I did think "Wow" when I finished it. I would definitely not walk straight past these authors books in the future.

I think that this is a must read for a number of reasons: The eeriness of the lockdown feel, the characters, the plot.

It read at a nice steady pace and there was not a time where I thought "get on with it".

It just goes to show that do you really know somebody and their past? Do you really know your neighbour?