Unusual but effective

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56 days ago, Ciara and Oliver meet and hit it off but this also happens at the same time as COVID-19 reaches Ireland.

35 days ago, with the lockdown imminent, Oliver asks Ciara to move in with him. Ciara agrees but she isn't aware that Oliver is hiding something.

Cut to the present day - a body is found in Oliver’s apartment, and detectives must try to work out what happened.

The Nothing Man by Catherine Ryan Howard was one of my favourite books last year. When I heard about her new novel - 56 Days, it became one of my most anticipated releases for 2021. I completely understand how some people were/are sceptical about a novel set during the pandemic, but after reading it I have to say that even though the storyline wouldn't be possible without the pandemic as a backdrop, it really was just a background element once the story got going.

56 Days is a creepy and captivating thriller with interesting characters and lots of twists to keep you on your toes. Don't let the pandemic setting put you off!