A slow burner, I'd say!

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I was not able to read this book when first received and even then it took me a while to really get into it. It is the first of Anton's books I've read so all the characters were new to me. I found the story evocative of what I believe life would have been like in the months leading up to WWII. The nuances seemed to the in with parental reminiscences of the years just prior to 1939.

I can see several potential storylines developing with, possibly, darker content as the war itself draws ever closer. Perhaps the book could have had a bit more 'bite' with regard to Herr Bauer's involvement but maybe that is a storyline to be developed?

Just one slight query: when Raymond and Archie woke up in a siding somewhere north of Manchester, would they really have had a view of the Peak District? My geography is not great, I admit, so perhaps this 'bird's could be confirmed?

Overall, a gentle book which I eventually found a relaxing read.