Another Amazing installment

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As my title says another amazing installment to the Buckingham hotel books..... I love anyone writing style and I feel I connect with all the characters. The way it is written you really get a good idea of what each and every person is like. I was sad to see how it panned out foe poor Maynard charles. I have read all there of the Buckingham hotel books and they just keep getting better and better. I would definitely recommend this book to people and I cant wait for the next one.
I love how anton has written this book to show dreams can come true for every character in different ways. Reading this book has been most enjoyable over the christmas period.
This book has a great plot to keep you interested the whole way through , once started you dont want to put it down as you are waiting for the next turn of events. I'm glad Nancy and raymond got their dream wedding and I hope they have a happy future in the next book!