Another Cosy Read

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This is yet another cosy read by Anton du Beke, as ever the romantic side of the story is a bit too much for my taste, but the story itself is well written and the characters and locations beautifully described.
This visit to The Buckingham Hotel is all about the lead up to and the wedding of Raymond du Guise and Nancy Nettleton. We start in April 1938, and follow our cast of characters in the run up to the wedding of Raymond and Nancy, which is to be held in December of the same year. Vivienne Edgerton is still trying to help those most in need, and Maynard Charles is still overseeing the smooth running of all that is The Buckingham Hotel.
Anton du Beke's passion for the 1930s shines through in the writing and he really evokes detailed visuals of the era. Whilst I'm not really a fan of romantic fiction, the writing and cast of characters keep me coming back for more. The book is just a lovely cosy way to spend a few hours.