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At first glance, this book seems excellent.
I can’t wait to read it in its entirety.

It is not for everyone to write a story that takes place during the Second World War, and for that I congratulate the author. The descriptions can be quite long at times but they give us a fairly detailed view of the scene that allows us to visualize it more easily.

This concept of integrating German expressions into the text, although sparingly, is very interesting in itself. However, it is not easy for someone who does not know their English equivalent or even their meaning to understand them, small footnotes could be welcome.

Let's now move on to the people who have made the most impact on me in reading these few pages.
I find Tobias Bauer very captivating, he seems to be suffering from having to leave his homeland but above all he is very frank, he dares to say what he thinks and wishes without making any detours: an extraordinary character.

Concerning Maynard Charles, despite his benevolence he seems to have something to hide or carries a very painful memory deep within him. Indeed, in the first pages there is never any reference to a possible wife or to his family, is it possible that he is so alone that he has only his Brandy for company? Does he see his employees as the only company he needed? Or does he not mention it until later in the book? The only way to find out will be to read the whole novel.