Fantastic charming romance

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I adore these books. Anton effortlessly transports us back in time to a world of decadence and glorious fashion.
I’ve always loved the upstairs/downstairs drama of the grand English manor and this series surely delivers, I get Downton Abbey vibes which I love!
The writing is witty, charming and as a reader it seems like the author finds it so simple a task which makes it all the more joyous to read.
A wonderful host of characters who you can’t but help fall in love with. A glamorous and gorgeous setting with added sprinkle of Christmas cheer and charm.
I highly recommend this series if you are a fan of Downton, Bridgerton and all round romantic drama read.
The covers and end papers on these nooks are stunning and you really feel the level of care and love that both author & publisher has put into producing these. Best read on a cold night with a large glass of wine!