Good to be back!

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I was very pleased to be back in the world of the Buckingham Hotel. There’s a warmth in these characters that I love, and I enjoy the fact that everyone has a backstory, everyone has a complicated life beyond the hotel or the ballroom.

Having said that, I was slightly less in love with the plot in this one than in the earlier two novels. With multiple storylines and multiple lead characters, I didn’t feel I sank quite as deeply into any one character’s life or story this time. The wedding, the Winter Hollers, Mrs Moffatt - I’d have been happy to go a little deeper into any of their stories. However, the ending sets us up nicely for book four, and I hope that both Artie and Ruth get their time in the limelight next time round.

I’m not a great series-reader, but this is one I look forward to returning to year on year, and can’t wait to pick up again every time I set the book down.