Loved it!

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This was a five star read for me, I thought this was such a great book. It was such an unexpected joy and during such hard times it gave me a Christmas to remember too. I escaped completely to this world of dancing, music and romance set in London during the 1930's. The description of this exclusive hotel and the characters lives was fantastic. There was everything you would want from a period drama, scandal among the guests and family drama from the staff, It had me hooked from beginning to end. I loved the main characters Nancy and Raymond and the planning of their wedding. The book opens at 5 months before their wedding which is set for December and we follow them through the months leading up to the big day, which I thought was so lovely and exciting. The story also follows many other characters and has a storyline leading up to the second world war which is imminent and so even more so this is a Christmas to remember for a lot of people during that time.