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I feel like Anton’s books are not talked about enough on here! This is his third book following dancers Raymond De Guise and Helené Marchmont and the events of the Buckingham hotel and it’s much talked about Grand Ballroom.

I’d love to discuss Anton’s novels but feel like I haven’t seen them mentioned on Bookstagram. Feel free to message me if you’ve read any! Maynard Charles is one of my favourite characters ever. So so well written and from the first book Anton’s writing has improved ten-fold. I LOVED this book. And it’s not just for Christmas at all. It depicts the uncertain time before the onset of the Second World War and the tensions and scandals are written fantastically. I love how the story shows how the war was being fought even in the champagne bars and board rooms of prestigious hotels as spies, fascists and secrets linger among the hallways.

His books make me long to have been around in earlier times as many historical books have failed to do. The romance between Raymond and Nancy is so heartwarming and this is without a doubt the best Christmas book I read this year. If you can even call it that! it’s so much more.

However I do recommend you start from the beginning with this series as the character development is absolutely fantastic.