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I tried to get into this book on 2 occasions, but just couldn't get on with it. The second time I tried at Christmas, to see if the festive spirit would lend me a helping hand, but sadly not.
I realise this is the third book in a series and it might well have helped to have read the preceding 2. I just couldn't find any interest in the characters, they seemed 2 dimensional and a bit clichéd. Perhaps they have been thoroughly drawn in the earlier stories.
The writing is good enough, but I didn't find myself caught up in the world of glamorous hotels and ballroom dancing, which surprised me as I'm a sucker for that setting to a story. I also usually enjoy period detail, but not even the second world war backdrop piqued my interest. Overall I found the book impenetrable. Too much detail piled upon more detail, so that the plot moved slowly and confusingly to... well, I don't know to what as I'd given up. Meh.