perfect Christmas read

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*please take note that this is satire - I haven’t even read the entire blurb - I am purely doing this to gain more points because I am thirstyyyy to own more haters*

I am not usually a massive fan of Christmas-orientated books purely because it’s always disappointing when you realise that the reality of your life is nothing to that of the pages you consume. However, with this book Christmas felt incomparable with the beautiful telling of the story and the sentence structures that tickled my technique-addled brain. The characters, whilst could do with a bit more character basics at the beginning (as in before the story started their personality felt nil until the action actually began) were developed so well until the very end, and I will definitely be rereading this book on Christmas Day! Let’s just say, I’ll certainly remember this book this Christmas! The fluid descriptions of the ballrooms and find wedding and me in love with Nancy and Raymond from the very beginning.
Make sure you read the two books beforehand otherwise might be lil confused. Not enough trauma imo but we move.