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me and my grandmother both read this book and i can honestly say that Anton du beck is an amazing author and I loved the cover. i hadnt read the previous two books as i wasnt aware that it was a series but i can honestly say it was a good stand alone novel as well.

the series is set in the 1930's and is about a hotel, its guests and the dancers which work there. Nancy nettleton who is a chaibermaid at the hotel in which the book is set, she finds her self faced with falling for a debonair demonstration dancer called Raymond de Guise. the book is set just before the war so we expect the next book to be set during the war. but as christmas approaches the hotel gets busier and offers relief and a break away from the tension which is rising due to the imminent war.

nancy and raymonds wedding occurs over christmas and is held in the great ballroom.

i would highly reccommend the book as it is a proper cosy book and makes a great gift too