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Historical Romance is in my opinion rarely used. I have only tried it out once and I loved it so here I am again, and let me just say I am not disappointed!

The style in which it is written is breath-taking, I loved the descriptions and the way such romance style can feel so realistic in today's modern days if that makes sense. I kind of wish I could go back in time just to experience such beautiful things.
Having a Christmas wedding is not something I would go for, but in this case it was so cute and heart-warming, I simply cannot wait to read on. Also, can I just say that the cover looks absolutely amazing and that is the reason I pressed it. I just love the plot, the characters, the writing. It all kept me hooked on to reading on which I really enjoyed. I do have to say it took me a few minutes to be hooked at first because I was a bit confused but nothing too much as I was gripped onto the storyline instantly after.