It was such a fun book

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It was a good book and it felt like I was transported into the past. The writing side is so beautiful. The cover itself made me get it but I’m more excited. I was going through a lot lately and this book is such a bright spot in my life. This just a fun book to read. I gave it my friend and she also thought it was great. She’s not normally into historical fiction and but the book is great. This is such a fun book but I really did feel super single. It is such a fun read and I enjoyed it a lot. I honestly can’t stop talking about how much I enjoyed the book. The main character was super relatable. It really makes me happy.
This was the first boook I got to review but it is just objectively fun. I’m just really excited that I actually got a book but it’s even better that it was such a fun book. Omg this is such an exciting time and I can’t believe how fun this whole experience