Sadly disappointing

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I was excited to read this book, the cover looked great, it's one of my favourite genre, so much felt right about it.....

However I agree with fellow reviewers that describe it as random and rambling. I don't think it's the translation, it just doesn't get going in the way I'd hoped. There is none of the usual 'feeling' of the Scandi reads I have enjoyed, it doesn't make me feel like I'm alongside any of the scenario. The main character is, predictably, flawed but not in a way that I found appealing.

It's been a bit of a haul working my way through this book, I have tried to read in reasonable chunks, hoping to get into the story but it hasn't worked. I certainly wouldn't want to read other books in the series if they are in this style, jumping from one detailed room and dialogue to another, seemingly without link, especially at the beginning of the book.