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This book is the true story of Graham Young, who was a serial poisoner, although the book was really insightful and told the whole story I found it to drag on a little, and could have been better made shorter. I liked how the author told the biography, she reasearched it well, as well as explaining how the poisons worked and what happens when a certain poison is ingested. I just assumed that you would die straight away from certain posions, but reading how Graham Young went about keeping records of how much doseage he gave and what reactions his victims had, was quite scary. It also made you realise how people like Graham Young can manipulate the system and how he managed to get released from Broadmoor, to go on to kill again, and how the authorities went about catching him again and where to send him, wheather to a prison or a mental hospital. All in all it was very interesting to read, as I had never heard of Graham Young before.