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This book was certainly one of the most interesting books I have read to this day. A Passion for Poison tells the story of Graham Young, a school boy serial killer who likes to kill using poison. The story itself is quite intriguing as in usual circumstances regarding serial killers, there is mostly a history of trauma or the person being exposed to very bad abuse in the past which is essentially what triggers their killing instinct. However, with the story of Graham Young it appears that the only problem is issues within the family, which I think is quite unusual and did make me question how much the external environment can provoke these killings. As with most serial killers, Young wanted to go down in history as the best poisoner. (so much so, he even wanted his own figure at Madame Tussaud's wax museum). Young first started out poisoning and consequently killing his family and friends and then began to venture further into his role as a serial killer and began poisoning colleagues at his workplace. Overall, this was a great read and as a fan of true crime stories, that was defintiely one of the best I've come across.