A must for Tom Wilde fans

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With little info on the front cover as to the story, I did turn my nose up at the idea of a book involving the monarchy. However, as soon as I read the first few chapters I was won over, the writing is full of energy and excitement.

The story quickly introduces four characters - two princes, a spy and a now deceased soldier. The two princes meet, one - Prince George , the brother of the King of England and the other - Prince Phillip von Hessen,a committed Nazi and known to Adolf Hitler.

In a tragic accident days later, Prince George is killed in a plane crash. The mystery starts here, this does not seem like an accident and clever, fearless spy Tom Wilde is sent to investigate.

The story is more complicated than he can imagine, with it tied to the enemy he must tread carefully.

This is the second Tom Wilde book, a must read for fans of the likes of Jason Bourne and Bond. Classy spy thriller.