Amazing spy thriller

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This is the 3rd book within the Tom Wilde series I have read, although I felt as though you could read it as a stand alone without any background knowledge.
Tom is sent to Scotland to investigate the plane crash which killed Prince George, the Duke of Kent. But while investigating, he discovers that a woman managed to escape the plane crash, and when he tracks her down he becomes entangled in something entirely new.
this is a really fascinating book, and although it discusses some serious historical events, it does it in a way to add to the depth of the story and make it seem all the more real.
Rory Clement's writing is amazing. The the plot is beyond intriguing. His characters are beautifully written, and his ability to combine fact and fiction really brings out the best in his books.
An enjoyable read and if your to-go genre is Spy Thrillers then this is the book for you!