An Exploration into Historical Conspiracies

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Having now finished A Prince and A Spy, I can say I actually really enjoyed it. The plot follows Professor Tom Wilde on a mystery solving mission around England, Scotland and Sweden. It's full of twists and turns and the pace never really slows down so my attention was held throughout the whole book.
I really enjoyed the way Rory Clements was able to weave the historical aspect of the book in amongst the intrigue so that the two areas work together rather than against one another.
The characters and the relationships between them (both new and established) feel brilliantly worked out and detailed and I have a soft spot for some of the side characters (Jimmy Orde and Anders Skoog in particular) which shows Clements dedication to making each aspect work with every other aspect.
The ending is satisfying, the twists and reveals realistic and the suspense simmers away in the background, keeping you enraptured and turning the pages.
I'm definitely going to keep my eyes peeled for any of the other Tom Wilde and read them when I find them!