another marvellous Professor Wilde adventure

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Another marvellous Professor Wilde adventure. Although these are written in chronological sequence, there's absolutely no requirement to read them in that order; this one works just fine as a stand-alone novel. A reason you may want to read just this one volume is if you've been following the popular television series The Crown; this story centres on the last and fatal wartime flight of the Duke of Kent, King George VI's younger brother.

There are foreign agents, hidden figures, tense chases, European travel, killings, layer upon layer of secrets, dubious organisations, shifting alliances and lucky chances. There is, once again, the cracking breathless pace Rory Clements pulls off so well. Tom Wilde leads an exhausting existence throughout as the whole story is jam-packed into a matter of days.

And we have glimpses of the human side of our hero as he now has a young son and a family life.