Another spellbinder featuring Tom Wilde.

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I was expecting but didn't get a reminder from RF on publication day but did review it on Amazon. Nevertheless, this is another hit from the author, featuring Tom Wilde and those he is involved with (mostly good!). This novel mixes fact (the death of King George's brother in an air "accident" (or was it?)) plus the awful treatment of European Jews by the Nazis and the world's ignorance thereof with fiction and has also insight into the neutrality of the Swedish nation during World War II.

The novel also introduces the likelihood that Tom is being 'monitored' by not only MI5's good guys but also mysterious, as yet unidentified, potential spies who may or may not have alternative allegiance beyond those of the Western Allies. Tom's affiliations to the OSS make him a natural conduit to the USA, POTUS especially and I can see the distinct possibility of Tom's career expanding beyond 1945.

A very good read, as usual.