Brilliant wartime drama

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I won another one of this series to review a while back and I adored it so was very excited to receive this one as well.
I honestly don't know which one I liked best they were both excellent reads and Tom Wilde is a great character.
This story involves a secret meeting between princes.
Phillip on Hessen and Prince George the Duke of Kent.
George later dies during a flight to the North of Scotland, the plane inexplicably crashes.
The official line is that it was just an accident but things aren't what they seem.
Tom Wilde is called in to investigate as foul play is hinted at.
When he gets to the scene he gets tangled up with the beautiful bit puzzling Harriet Hartwell.
Tom is unsure how she fits into this situation but things really aren't as they seem on the surface.
Can Tom Wilde step in and save the day and expose what really happened that day?
A brilliant spy story with a huge dollop of fact mixed into a rollicking good story.
Exciting and fast paced this is a must for wartime thriller fans.