Compelling chilling spy thriller

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A Prince and A Spy - Rory Clements

Thanks to Readers First, Rory Clements and Zaffre books for my copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Sweden, 1942 - Two old friends meet. They are cousins. One is Prince George, Duke of Kent, brother of the King of England. The other is Prince Philipp von Hesse, a committed Nazi and close friend of Adolf Hitler.
Days later, the Prince George is killed in a plane crash in the north of Scotland. The official story is that it was an accident - but not everyone is convinced.
There is even a suggestion that the Duke's plane was sabotaged, but with no evidence, Cambridge spy Tom Wilde is sent north to discover the truth . . .

I loved this book and devoured in in 2 sittings. It is absorbing, compelling and sinister, reminding me in some way of The 39 Steps, with its twisting, racing, hunted nature.
The relationship to recent history and imagining of the story of real-world events is one I love. It made me wonder about shadowy societies that control the seats of power and the possibility that this could still be happening today in a dystopian type way. The chilling link to the Nazi Death Camps was hard to read but something that we cannot shy away from or forget .
The characters are all strong, I love Tom Wilde, the dependable old school hero, he doesn’t readily fall into the old hat spy trope and Harriet, the female protagonist knows what she is about and is not left as a cliche.
There is more than one storyline which funnel together as it races towards its conclusion.

A really gripping, addictive and thought provoking spy thriller. The real life connections at the end really left me thinking. 5 🌟