Devoured this book!

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I really enjoyed The Prince and the Spy. I devoured it just over two days. It was enjoyable and didn’t read too much as historical fiction. It had just the right amount of fact mixed with fiction to keep you interested. This mix set the scene wonderfully. The plot and the characters were all so well formed. I could visualise each of them completely. It gave the story of an exciting spy thriller set against the backdrop of WWII. It was fast paced and never once slowed in momentum. The characters were woven expertly together creating suspense and twists from start to finish.
I would recommend this book to anyone who likes the style of Geoffrey Archers books. The style and flow and little teases to keep you reading are very reminiscent of his series. Rory Clements has a talent for telling a story. This pages were all killer and no filler. Pick this book up today you won’t regret it!