Didn’t really like it

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Usually I give books a few chapters for me to sink in and get into this book. However, this novel didn’t grab me in by a few chapters. Most of the times, I give the benefit of the doubt and start reading the book even if I don’t like it. Generally I end up getting hooked but sadly this wasn’t the case with this novel.

After a few chapters I gave in as the book felt draining to read. This perhaps may be because I don’t like historical fiction, but mainly because of the slow paced writing. Also the characters were just annoying and I couldn’t pick up the book after the first sitting.

On the other hand, the setting is really clear and intriguing. If it wasn’t for the clear gender inequality in the beginning of the book, I may have carried on reading. Since this novel is based on real life, the author did so well in arranging the scenarios and dates.

Overall, I gave this 2 stars for the well written descriptions.