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I love novels which incorporate history and this book certainly didn't let me down. I was enthralled from the very first page and just couldn't put the book down. Set in 1942 in Sweden this book follow two cousins ... but one happens to be the brother of the king in England, Prince George The duke of Kent;.....and the other Prince Philipp von Hesse who counts Adolf Hitler amongst his closest friends. Now right from the beginning this spells trouble. Prince George is killed in a plane crash in Scotland but people are thinking this is not the accident it is claimed to be. Has Hitler put out a death plan for the Prince , was he killed on his say so? Yet again Tom Wilde is sent in to try to make answers from this mess. It is not a simple task, people don't want to implicate themselves in this matter. Tom has to decide who he can trust and who is plainly on the radar as an accomplice into the potential murder