Entertaining and Thought Provoking.

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This was actually the first of Rory Clements books that I have read and I was a little concerned that I might miss out on pre-established character or plot information but I needn't have worried. There were times when I could tell previous plot was being hinted at but this made me more likely to read earlier books than to stop reading this one.

Clements has created a whole host of interesting characters, many incredibly likable, others not so much! It makes it easy to follow the plot and really empathise and care about the outcome of the novel.

Suspense is high when reading 'A Prince and A Spy' as there is always something happening whether it be betrayal, murder, a boat chase or a good old fashioned shoot out!

I think the idea that struck me most about this novel, that I had never really considered before, is what it must have been like to discover the truth about the holocaust. It is something that has been taught to all school children for so long. The extent of human cruelty is a difficult thing to learn when looked at with 100 years distance, but to wake up one day to the news of what was going on at that very moment and feeling powerless to stop it, what must that have felt like?

All in all 'A Prince and A Spy' was an entertaining and thought provoking read, if a little too adventurous to seem entirely plausible at times. I would definitely recommend it.