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I have read another book from this author and after enjoying the first one I knew I would definitely be reading more.

This book is not in my usual genre but I must say it’s a very enjoyable and exciting story and I had it finished in record time. I also found the cover to be quite striking and definitely sets it apart from other books on the shelf.

I found the writing to be excellent and I was able to follow along quite easily, I just wanted more and more

This story is set in Sweden 1942 and is based around two cousins. Prince George, Duke of Kent, brother of the King of England and Prince Philipp von Hesse, a committed Nazi and is also a close friend of Adolf Hitler.

A few days after they meet up Prince George is killed in a plane crash in the north of Scotland, it is reported as an accident but not everyone believes this story. This is when spy Tom Wilde comes in and sets out to uncover the truth in this mystery.

Highly recommend a great story to enjoy especially if you want a bit of adventure whilst stuck at home!