Good Spy Story

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This book had me really excited from the start as it started at such a great pace.

Spies, Nazi's, Professors, Spurned Women, Royalty, Politicians, Movie Stars - they are all in there. I found that the story slowed down slightly in the middle section but quickly picked up and got running again. The travels around Europe made it really interesting and the characters were fantastic.

The true history of the time and the atrocities were dealt with with great sensitivity. Saying that though, the spirit of the time really shines through.

I really enjoyed that there were a lot of characters in this story and a lot came in and out of the story, but at no time was I left confused. Cleverly done. The nature of the characters is so believable but then it twists and turns and leaves you not sure who to believe and who to trust. Fantastic. Would definitely recommend.