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This was a book I knew I had to read, the cover itself just draws you in and it’s simple yet bold design would have made me pick with up in a bookshop. The book itself is well written and you get to know the characters really well which makes for a great story.
I don’t usually read books set in the war but this one sounded different and once I started reading it was full of mysteries and questions that I couldn’t wait to find out the answers to! The descriptions and they way Rory Clement wrote this book was fantastic, it was easy to visualise what was happening and the scenes throughout the story making it a gripping story that I just couldn’t put down!
This is a fascinating book and has now got me researching more about the war. Again, this is definitely a book I would recommend to anyone who likes mysteries they would enjoy this book. It’s in a different context and genre that I would normally read but just as good!