Great little read!

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This is one of many Rory Clements novels I have read and I don't know which one I prefer. As an author the books are so well thought out and meticulously executed. Another amazing book from this author, I’m yet to find a book by this author that isn’t captivating from the onset and I certainly haven’t come across a bad one from him either.
It's full of twists and turns and the pace never really slows down so my attention was held throughout the whole book. A book that you will find extremely hard to put down written in such a manner that you feel the need to keep reading on to find out what happens. I don’t like to give away any details of the book as to spoil it for others. But I can honestly say if you are looking for a gripping, exhilarating page turning book then you definitely will not go adding with this book or any other from Rory Clements! Give it a read you will love it :)