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A Prince and a Spy is the first novel by Rory Clements I have read. The cover stands out being mostly red and black, I'm not sure i would have picked up the book based on the cover. However I was pleasantly surprised by the novel once I started reading and really enjoyed it. The novel is well written and the characters so well rounded that I felt I knew them inside out by the end of the novel.
The story is set during world war 2. Prince George brother to the British King meets his cousin in secret in Sweden. His cousin is a Nazi and close friend of Hitler. On the way home the plane crashes but the true journey is covered up.
In the meantime the main character Professor Tom Wilde who is an American living in Britain working for the American government, meets an old student on a train. This student kills himself after telling Wilde he had betrayed his country.
Wilde is sent to investigate the plane crash and ends up embroiled in trouble, in danger and not sure who to trust.
I really enjoyed following the story to s gripping resolution and would highly recommend this novel.