I didn't like it

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I started this book a while ago, but have still not finished it yet. I tried to bring myself to read more of it, but I just couldn't read on. I don't think historical fiction is my thing, as I can never really seem the grasp the concept of these books and I just don't know the context of them. You would have to be quite familiar with these time periods to enjoy the book but I thought it was quite boring and uninteresting. I also didn't realise that it was part of a series until someone told me, but I don't think it makes much of a difference, not reading the others. I feel like if you like this sort of thing, and understand historical books, then it would definitely be a good read. I am still going to try and read it again in the future, but unfortunately, I didn't enjoy this book or find it intriguing at all this time. I really hope others enjoy this book and Rory Clements' other books, well written.