Intriguing and alluring

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The plot seems predictable but the reader is drawn in by the alluring historical context. So nice is the environment that one can not help but to imagine that one is there firsthand. Indeed observing the events directly as they unfold. Despite only reading a short extract. I feel I have gained a grasp of the book, not to say that it is mono dimensional and predicable. But that it is stunningly explained and set up by the incredibly talented author. G g g g g g euw d8 bwbwhshfbe e djd r eh2jwjeixi I u u jvjvvurh e r r r r r e 3 3 2 e t u h. F d er. E rrhurjrhrgr3829yfhkjrbbrrbbbrbbr r r r r G g 3 3 rngbgbgbgbgcgkm-ngbfbgjgjgjgjfjrkrkrjrjrjrbrbrbrbtvtbtbbtbtbtbtbtbtbtbtvtvtvtjtjtjtjtjtjtjtjtjtjtjtjtjrjtjtjtjthtjtjtjrkriirkrkrjrjrkrktktkglglgkgktktktkhktkrktktktktktktktktktktltkktktktktktktktkktkkzkzktktktktktkttktzt