Loved it!

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I was first introduced to Clements with hitlers secret and I absolutely loved it, I had high hopes for this one and it did not disappoint! His writing is incredible and keeps you captivated throughout.

Within the first few chapters you are completely hooked, it’s set in Sweden in the 1940s, The story quickly introduces four characters - two princes, a spy and a now deceased soldier. The two princes meet, one - Prince George , the brother of the King of England and the other - Prince Phillip von Hessen,a committed Nazi and known to Adolf Hitler.

You are taken on a journey with Tom Wilde trying to find out who killed Prince George and it is a complete rollercoaster.

I would more than recommend this book especially in lockdown and people that have time on their hands! This is one to add to the read list and if you’re like me with a large pile of unread books, put this one at the top!