Modern Spy, Historic Setting

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I am new to the Tom Wilde series of books and despite this being the fifth in the series it is completely readable as a standalone novel.

I am usually quite wary of historical fiction because I'm easily frustrated by blatant historical inaccuracies. Rory Clements has made me warm to the genre though with this brilliantly written and wonderfully accurate spy thriller.

Tom Wilde is a classic old school hero but Clements has managed to steer clear of the typical spy tropes so despite Wilde being written as your dependable, patriotic spy, his character doesn't feel stale and overdone.

The relationship between Wilde, his long term partner Lydia and Harriet (one of the other main characters) didn't appeal to me and felt a little irrelevant to the storyline with the will they won't they between Wilde and Harriet. However this didn't detract from the overall appeal of the story.

Clements handled the sensitive topics surrounding events during the second world war very well and with a lot of respect to those who still have a living memory.

I was pleasantly surprised by this book and am very tempted to go back and read this series from the start