Not my usual tale

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This isnt my usual furst pick of a book, preferring something a little light, but I do enjoy reading history, and while this book is fiction, its so well written.

The book is fast paced, mysterious and full of twists and turns that draw you in. Full of danger, full of exploration (nearly!)

It was set all over Europe, so my mind was filled with ideas of wartime europe
The plot just sucked me in. I was the story!
I couldnt put it down, the writer has a skill that makes your heart race, and you think. One more chapter. That then becomes 5!

My only gripe was the ending. I need to lnow more! What happened? Why did it happen? Did he solve the mystery? I can not wait for the sequel to this wonderfully twisty, adrenaline pumping journey!

I felt like I was right there in 1942 europe! And I am hungry for more.

A really well written book, and the cover is actually what made me pick it up!