One of my favorite authors does it again!

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I've enjoyed Rory Clements writing for some time now and this novel certainly doesn't disappoint! The story ebbs and flows which makes for a pacey novel. The writing style is sharp and really lends itself to the story that is being told - something that Clements is a master of doing. I found that I didn't want to put this book down at times - certainly a good sign!

The characters in the book are well formed, with good historical references throughout - this book had clearly been very well researched and it makes for a very credible story. I wouldn't expect anything less from Rory Clements though!

This is certainly a book that in the future I would look to read again. The cover is appealing and one which would stand out in your local book store. Would definitely recommend this book to others - and already have done! 5 stars every day of the week.