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I can't say I really enjoyed this book but am unsure as to why. I didn't really warm to the main character and couldn't really relate to what was going on. Maybe this was because this is the fifth book in a series which I haven't read before. The characters were fairly well-written but the plot really dragged at times. In fact, the first part of the book was so slow I almost gave up - in some ways, I wish I had. I found it tedious and hard work and I don't think I'll bother with any more by this author. I am sure the author did a lot of research, but I just couldn't get into this at all. Having recently finished "City of Spies", I think I was anticipating more of the same - but this book was much darker with a higher level of violence. For me, it was also let down by the writing style which came across a very disjointed. However, I am sure that other people will enjoy this story but it just wasn't for me.