Spy 101

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This isn’t my normal kind of book. I’ll read anything and everything but this kind of spy/espionage/crime mystery is a new one for me.

The book starts out a murder mystery, a normal whodunnit set in 1942 and including members of the royal family. It then evolves into a very complex very brain demanding story; including deflecting German operatives and double agents no one saw coming.

I ended up thoroughly enjoying this story and although it sometimes (a lot of the time) used words I wasn’t quite familiar with - I feel as though it has broadened my vocabulary, and my google search history, considerably!

I thought the story touched on a hint of forbidden romance (what with the female lead being utterly gorgeous - she herself marvelled at how Wilde was able to resist her charms!) but throughout the protagonist proved himself to be an honourable man. This made him even more likeable - he wasn’t just an American Diplomat, he was a genuinely nice guy.

The twist, which was more of a bad guy reveal, didn’t have me shocked beyond comprehension but I did enjoy how it really could’ve been anyone - they all acted like shady characters so we knew it was one of them.

An enjoyable read and if your to-go genre is Spy Crime then this is the book for you!