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Another thrilling and gripping read by Rory Clements. This was an absolute fantastic read. I'd read and absolutely loved Hitler's Secret and this did not disappoint me.

From the moment I started to read I was hooked and drawn in to a drama surrounding spies and espionage.

This was based on lots of fact and clearly Rory Clements does his research. At times this means there is lots of very graphic, and descriptive writing which can make you hold your breath.

It's a fantastic page turner that once started in really difficult to put down. You want to get through to solve the mystery and Rory Clements keeps you guessing.

I would highly recommend this to everyone even if you haven't previously come across Rory Clements. Read this and read Hitler's Secret. I really don't think you will be disappointed and will have spent your time wisely and invested in a great read.