Who needs Bond?

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I recently spoke about this book to a book club and the best way I could put it is to imagine James Bond fighting nazis in World War Two. It is that exciting an idea and concept.
I like Tom Wilde. You will too. He's a pretty down to earth guy with a great set of morals who gets thrown in on the action and has to work through the dangers and clues to get the results he needs for the Allies in the war. Speaking of the Allies, this book highlights they aren't as clear cut as you all may think, although fighting for the same outcome, there are different way different countries may want to do this. Another thing Clements has on his side is creating the bad guy. Often in spy thrillers, they can be a bit caricature. However, Clements draws upon real history filled with real nazis who are really really nasty and scary.
Clements use of history makes his books a realistic read where you are able to put yourself in time and feel very genuinely the heart racing adrenalin as the pace of his books pick up. After reading previous books I was very excited to pick this one up. Another blockbuster deserving of the Hollywood treatment