Wilde investigates an accident or foul play

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This thriller about war and espionage. It is the 5th book in a series set in World War 2 and the main character Tom Wilde is a Cambridge Professor who solves crimes as a spy.

Prince George, brother to the King of England, supposedly died in a plane accident but not everything as it seems. Tom Wilde investigates the conspiracy whether it truly was an accident or foul play.

Having read, the previous book in the series titled, 'Hitler's secret,' I didn't mind reading another book by the same author with the same lead characters. Again, the author has created all rounded realistic characters. He has also provided enough dialogues as well as descriptions to engage his readers. It makes you think about films of war and those with spies. He had created suspense, I was intrigued about what is going to happen next and it was again a worthwhile read.