World War Two Spy Drama

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Rory Clements has a really easy reading style that takes you right into the heart of the drama. Based on the true tragic death of the Duke of Kent in Scotland in 1942, Clements has returning Cambridge spy Tom Wilde, going under cover, quietly investigating whether the military plane crash was an accident or sabotage. But Wilde finds himself thwarted by authority figures who may or may not have their own reasons in hindering his investigation. His questioning leads to various characters appearing, most of whom are not who they appear to be, most of whom wanting nothing more than to silence him and one of the two survivors of the plane crash.

I'd like to hear more of his mistress/wife Lydia who is a strong character but given a weak storyline in this book being suspicious of Wilde's non-romantic involvement with the female survivor. Of course all is fine by the end but seems out of character for Lydia.