Another emotional historical fiction

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The story is set during World War 2 and in East London. It is the fifth book in The Ration Book series. The main character in this story is Cathy Brogan.

Cathy married Stanley happily but then their marriage became sour when he turned out to be a brute. The only comfort she has in this marriage is in their son, Peter.

Luckily, Stanley is enlisted to fight in the war and she receives a telegram saying that Stanley is missing in action.

Slightly relieved that he may not return and eager to support herself and Peter, Cathy lets out their house for a lodger who turns out to be her ideal man, Sergeant Archie McIntosh.

I wasn't disappointed reading this book as Jean Fullerton has done extremely well into developing the setting as well as each and every character so that you understand them more. I found the book another pleasure to read and the characters were very relatable. I would be looking forward to reading more books by her.