Another in this great series

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I love this series! I think I've read all the previous ones, but I will double check. As usual this book centres around the Brogan family, living in the East End of London during WW2. Centre stage is Cathy, one of the daughters and the only one who is unhappily married. Her husband Stanley is a violent brute, only serving his country abroad as it was that or prison after being arrested for being a follower of Moseley. In spite of being a bully, he's also a mummy's boy, and living with her awful mother-in-law is hell for Cathy. But then a telegram arrives.... Stanley is misisng in action.
His mother Violet refuses to believe it, his wife meanwhile is counting down the days..... 6 months and he can officially be declared dead.

She has even more reason to want her husband dead when she meets, and falls in love with Archie, who works in bomb disposal. When his lodgings are bombed, Cathy offer him the spare room, much to Violet's disgust. Even more so when she meets Archie and discovered he's mixed race.

NOTE: In keeping with the period the book is set, there are some quite unpleasant racist terms used, ones we thankfully don't hear in these more enlightened times.

I'm pleased to read that there will be one more book in the series, which will conclude the wartime saga. I can't wait to read it.