Love the Ration book series

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This is the 5th book in this Ration Book Series, it is war time in London and centres again around the Brogan family. This book is about the daughter Cathy, and her nasty, abusive husband Stanley who is listed as missing in action. Cathy is living with her Mother In Law Violet, a hateful, evil women. Violet is so controlling she even refuses to call Peter, Cathy’s son, by his name and calls him Stanley, after his father, her son.
Cathy (and any reader) is hoping Stanley, her husband, is never found or returns from the war. Cathy decides if he does come back she will never live with him again. Divorce was not an option in those days but Cathy had had more than enough.
I don’t want to spoil the story for other readers but Peter isn’t the only male in Cathy’s life in the end.
I absolutely love the ration book series of books and I’m so happy there’s another one coming, unfortunately it’s the last in the series.