Really enjoyed it.

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I have recently read A Ration Book Bride and looked forward to reading A Ration Book Daughter. I am a fan of this type of genre and A Ration Book Daughter didn’t disappoint.

The story focuses on Cath Wheeler a young mother of Peter. Cathy is living with her mother in law while her husband is abroad fighting in the war. Cathy has an unhappy marriage, further spoilt with a nasty mother in law. Cathy takes in a lodger to help pay the rent, the book plays out the relationship she builds with Archie McIntosh.

I particularly like the way the book brings its female characters to the fore. The book dips slightly not the other female characters as the story unfolds. It tells of the hardships in the east end of London and the friendships made. Throughout the book there is factual events added in which add poignancy to the story and the real hardships that existed. I look forward to the next book A Ration Book Victory.